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At long last, Plastic Logic has not only named its soon-to-be-released E-Ink tablet, it’s named the soon-to-be-release day. Yup, it will unveil its “ProReader”—called the Que—at CES in Las Vegas on January 7. See the website for more details

From day one, Plastic Logic has been aiming v.1 at business users. The original idea was that it would be a way to move to the paperless office—users could carry around all their docs on it. But focus groups begged for other kinds of content, such as business magazines, and Plastic Logic broadened its vision.

The tablet is made entirely of plastic, which means it won’t shatter when you drop it. That’s good, but the Kindle seems pretty drop proof as well…

Interesting trivia: Since Plastic Logic’s patented display technology is super thin and flexible, the tablet could have been as bendable as a sheet of paper. But those same focus groups preferred a device with a stiff back—business users wanted something that felt more like a clipboard than a newspaper.

Extra thin, lightweight and wireless-enabled, QUE is the size of an 8.5 x 11 inch pad of paper, less than a 1/3 inch thick, and weighs less than many periodicals. The innovative QUE proReader features the largest touchscreen in the industry, an intuitive touch screen user interface, and provides access to a file cabinet’s worth of documents, plus your favorite—and most necessary—publications.

The Que will be linked via AT&T’s 3G network to an online Que store, and Barnes & Noble. Amazon? Your move.

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