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50777975Ben Gaddis, of The Think Tank, makes a compelling argument in Ad Age today that native apps—for example, the 75,000 you can download at Apple’s Apps Store to your iPhone—are doomed. In his opinion, which I disagree with, apps are headed for a big fall, as the Mobile Web matures and takes off:

Recently Andy Miller, CEO of Quattro Wireless, showed me mobile ad units that induced a double take. You’d swear, and I did, that they had to be running within an app. Turns out they’re just regular old mobile web banners that now expand and include video, slide shows and more. When you add in GPS and the ability to access native functionality on the phone—all coming soon—the need for a native app goes away.

This is the fundamental tension in the apps world today. If you’re a big company and you need an app, you’re faced with a bewildering and expensive array of choices: Do I just build it for the iPhone? Or do I go cross platform and have my developer build for Blackberry and Android as well? Or do I ignore it all and make my website’s mobile interface work better on the third screen?
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