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Qualcomm’s mirasol showing color video @ 30fps! from IntoMobile on Vimeo.

IntoMobile gets the scoop that Qualcomm’s mirasol division unveiled what looks like truly groundbreaking tech: A passive display that not only does color, but renders full-motion video.

Passive displays—E Ink’s technology, which is in everything from the Kindle to the Sony e-Reader, are the best-known examples of this—are great because they draw only a tiny amount of power. That’s why if your wireless connection is off, you can put your Kindle down for months and still have power left when you pick it up again. Mirasol has had a passive color display for some months now. But color video? That’s huge.

Qualcomm is such a powerhouse in the emerging market for third-screen devices. With Mirasol, it has the display. With Gobi and SnapDragon, it has the communication and microprocessor chipsets. And with FLO—which most people mistakenly think is simply a better way to get broadcast TV to hand-held devices—it has an excellent back-haul channel to deliver huge media files on demand.

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