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(Warning: This post probably only of interest to guitar players)

I use my iPhone to tune my guitar. I’ve often wished I could get guitar tabs on my iPhone, too. Now I can.

Tab Toolkit, now available at the apps store, was developed by Agile Partners, the dudes behind the Guitar Toolkit app, the top-selling guitar app.

The app uses a variety of smart hacks to make it easy to download tabs to your phone. You can either go directly to any of the popular tab sites, and download within the app via your browser. Or you can use any computer on the same wireless network as your phone, and drag multiple files into the app that way. Very clever.

Best part is you can download Power Tab and Guitar Pro files (these are the so-called “rich-media formats” that have a variety of useful functions, such as showing you finger positions while scrolling and playing cheesy midi notes.) The app comes with a number of practice tabs, too, such as arpeggios and scales. All in all, seems worth $9.99 to me.


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