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In September, Neil Jones, head of Interead, which makes the Cool-er e-Readers, said within the first three months after its launch, “tens of thousands” of Cool-ers were sold in Europe.  He said the Cool-er has set out to create an “iPod moment” within the eReader space.

Today, Jones told Wired he believes his company will be the number one eBook manufacturer in Europe, overtaking Sony within the next year.

Bold when you consider who they’re up against, but could there be an iPod moment in the cards for the Cool-er…?                                                            

  • The Cool-er is very lightweight at 5.6 oz (original iPod weighed 6.5 oz)
  • It comes in a variety of shiny, metallic, very iPod-esque colors including Cool Pink, Ruby Red and Racing Green
  • The device even has its own store (which Jones says is 6 times larger than the Amazon Kindle store) with 1.8 million titles.

Hmm.  Now, Jones’ online bio actually says “Within three years, Neil wants Interead to be the largest ebook sector company worldwide”.

If only they had chosen a hipper partner to launch the product in the U.S. — QVC?

cool-er-150x150Upcoming product refresh still will be black and white and won’t offer  wireless connectivity.

“No one’s going to read GQ magazine on a Cool-er,” Interead CEO Neil Jones tells Mirror.

So, why bother at this point? Says Jones:  “We have some really sexy ideas that we’re going to talk about in January…(That will) set us well apart from the competition.” Mmmmmmm, sexy.

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