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Rumored Delay of Rumored Apple Tablet Rumored to Freak Out Publishing Industry

Posted on: November 19, 2009

Digitimes has a credible-looking report that the anxiously awaited iThing won’t be available until the second half of 2010. This is not good news and the otherwise dependable Apple-beat writer Dan Frommer, is mistaken when he writes:

The only people upset by a later launch now—if it’s really true—are gadget nerds and maybe a few executives in Cupertino.

I guess by “people” he’s referring to Wall Street. But I can guarantee you that the people who run the publishing industry collectively plotzed this morning when they contemplated how the rescue ship USS Apple could be delayed yet again. And they’re floating around in the frozen Atlantic, turning an aortic shade of blue…

I am a hyperbolic guy, not to mention a purple writer, but I think it’s conservative to say that in the miserable publishing business, there is no greater hope for salvation that the iThing. With visions of giant iPhones dancing in our heads, all of us are working on prototypes of magazines and newspapers that will work on 9.7-inch, multi-touch screens linked wirelessly to stores. (See, for instance, Peter Kafka’s report yesterday on Wired Magazine’s demo.) And, while there are at least a dozen manufacturers heatedly working on their own iterations, we all await the iThing because history has shown us that Steve Jobs leads the parade. Chaos will ensue, with many idiotic and competing platforms drawing precious resources from content makers who have to try just about everything until a frontrunner emerges.

The iThing will be the inflection point and the sooner it gets here, the better for publishers.

Of course, there was a rumor over the summer that Jobs was planning to unveil the iThing in January but not ship it until June. So maybe we’re still on track? In the meantime, anyone have a cig? It’s cold in here.

5 Responses to "Rumored Delay of Rumored Apple Tablet Rumored to Freak Out Publishing Industry"

btw, the same Piper Jaffray report projects that when the iThing does launch, Apple will sell 650,000 of them at $600 a pop in the first year. What about the research showing e-readers need to get a lot cheaper?
The iThing will need to do many Things.

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really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

Apple Tablet is so great !!! But Apple is so control freak, I understand why the publishing industry is freaking out.

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