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iPhone eBooks – believe the hype?

Posted on: November 2, 2009

A new report by Flurry out today says that Apple’s iPhone is quickly becoming the ebook reader of choice for many, and could steal market share from Amazon’s Kindle.  Flurry claims that in October, one out of every five new apps that launched on the iPhone was a book.

But while Flurry’s chart (above) measures the number of new eBook apps there are, it doesn’t tell you if anyone’s actually reading them.  It’s a little like the “Russian bride 4u” emails – they somehow make it to your in-box, but who opens these?

Another point made by John Herrman at Gizmodo – he searched the app store for the book Treasure Island – turns out it’s available for purchase as a standalone app from over a dozen different developers.  Because it’s a free, public domain book, it’s a cinch for developers to drop the text in an app.  Does the fact that creating an eBook app is a relatively simple process have anything to do with the hostile takeover?

If anyone reading this blog (or any other blog) is devouring Treasure Island on their iPhone, I think I would like to know.

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