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Apple’s been meeting with publishers about the new iTablet… Not

Posted on: September 30, 2009

500x_apple-tablet-natgeoA lot of people have been emailing me to ask about the story on Gizmodo this morning, which I feel obliged to shoot down.

Gizmodo is my favorite gadget blog and its editor, Brian Lam, is one of the best reporter/editors in Techland. But in regards to his story today, according to my sources, his sources are flat-out wrong. Apple has not been meeting with publishers to prepare them for, well, whatever it is they’re doing next.

Have people at Apple been talking to people from the NY Times? I’d be surprised if they haven’t. They always talk. Apple has excellent relationships with plenty of big media companies. But I’m told Brian incorrectly characterized the conversations that the NYT and other unnamed media have had with Apple.

In fact, I think Apple has not yet discussed the much-rumored iTablet, or whatever it is, with anyone yet—at least, not in a way that would cause a media company to act. Hell, just yesterday, in what looks like the most credible unsourced (meaning no one is speaking on the record) story yet, iLounge said Jobs hadn’t even signed off on the next device.

Of course, if indeed Apple launches something in late January, I’d be just as shocked if it didn’t have some cool app on it from the NYT or other Big Media Co. But those preparations haven’t been discussed yet.

4 Responses to "Apple’s been meeting with publishers about the new iTablet… Not"

So you’re saying that he’s wrong, but he eventually will be right? So wouldn’t that make him… right?

Eventually. BUT!

Many things are correct eventually that are incorrect now. If I said, “it’s 4 p.m. PST,” that would eventually be right, right? The fact is, as of right now, Apple has not met with the NYT to discuss whatever it is it might or might not be launching. Nor has it met with any magazine companies in Cupertino—at least, as described in the piece.

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