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The Weirdness Behind Why Apple Apps Get Rejected: A Unified Theory

Posted on: September 29, 2009

911_call_center_2I’ve been thinking a lot about why Apple rejects apps on seemingly spurious grounds, then suddenly reverses itself. What could explain some of the odd, inconsistent behavior we’ve seen? Friends who know more about this than me say that fully half of the well-publicized apps that are rejected are reversed. Usually, the reason for the rejection was a bizarre interpretation of Apple’s regs, a silly technicality, or utterly inexplicable. Why does this happen?

Here is my theory, which is total speculation, but it’s a slow day. Buyer beware:

Apple must be outsourcing/offshoring a lot of its apps review work.

All the inconsistencies suddenly make sense when viewed this way.

Plus, do the math: well over 200,000 apps have been submitted since June 30, 2008—that means Apple must well review over 650 apps A DAY, assuming five working days a week. In its FCC filing, Apple claimed it had only 40 full-time reviewers examining apps. Think of how long it takes to review every app. You must download it, put it through its paces, review the paper work, etc. Can one person really do more than 10 a day?

My theory is that there’s an A Team in Cupertino and a B Team in some other English-speaking part of the world. The A Team handles hot stuff from Fortune 500 companies and the big, branded stuff that Apple wants to get onto the platform ASAP. And the B Team handles Other. But what do I know?

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