Netly: The Third Screen

Publishers lining up on both sides of the pay wall

Posted on: September 14, 2009

c0a85e61faa0fc21_landingMany of the Internet pure plays—such as CNET, AOL Media and Yahoo—won’t charge for content. Others, such as the NYT and WSJ, have said they will. Interesting Mediaweek roundup here.

The argument for and against is obvious.

My opinion: The Web always was and always will be free. It’s a surface medium, designed for skimming, not deep reading, and as such, users won’t ever pay for any one source of information. It’s like buying a single grain of rice—why pay for that when you can get a bowl for free?

The question now is: Will readers pay for it when it’s delivered on a lean-back, deep-reading device. I think they will.

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